Helping Lost Pets Find Their Way Home

Pet Lost, inc has created a nationwide data base that cross references lost to found animals. Choose your region, provide us with information about your lost or found pet, then sit back and let us do the work for you.

Pet Lost, Inc. can help reunite owners with Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits and Horses!

Helping Lost Pets Find Their Way Home

About Pet Lost, Inc.

Did you know that over 20 million animals go missing in the US every year?!
8 million of those animals enter shelters, with over half being euthanized.

Most animals that are lost are not wearing proper ID tags and/or micro chipped. Even 50%
of all micro chipped animals have out dated information or unreadable chips.

Up until now, there has only been a handful of ways to find your missing pet. That’s where we come in. Our data base is constantly changing. We are working hard to match each incoming animal to help reunite as many animals with their owners as possible. No more need to browse through lost and found pages. Our system will send you e-mails with possible matches.

With the new trend of animal flipping, rest assured that our system takes all precautions to prevent criminals from claiming your animal.

Found A Pet

If you have found a lost pet, enter the information in our data bank.
This information will be cross referenced to all lost animals in the system.
When an owner has been found, you will be notified.

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Lost A Pet

If you have lost a pet, enter your information into our data bank.
Our system is constantly cross referencing lost to found animals.

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